Notes from the Field: Commercial Customers with Dumpsters

If a dumpster is locked or already full, please take your trash with you. Trash needs to go inside of the dumpster, not on top of the lid. Commercial customers can be charged extra because of bags being left on top of the dumpster. 



Notes from the Field: Styrofoam goes into the Trash

Styrofoam may have the recycling logo on it, but Stockton does not have a Recycler to process it. All Styrofoam is considered trash. If you purchase something large, such as a TV, please break it down and put it in your trash cart (gray lid). If you have more than what can fit in your cart, make sure to put it in a trash bag and place it next to your trash cart with an extra service sticker on the bag. Do not overfill your cart.


Do not put Styrofoam in the yellow or green lidded bin. Please put it in the bin with a gray lid. 



Notes from the Field: Street Sweeping Schedule

From January through September annually, residential streets are swept bi-weekly (every other week). Weekly street sweeping is provided during Leaf Season (October through December annually).

To ensure a clean street:

• Do not pile leaves or other debris in the street or gutter. Street sweepers cannot pick up large pieces or piles.

• Keep palm fronds, long twigs, and branches out of the street or gutter.

• Pick up litter in front of your home or business.

• Remove portable basketball hoops from the street or gutter.

• Do not leave garbage, recycling or organics containers or bins on the street.

• Avoid parking vehicles, boats or trailers on the street on service day.

• Prune trees and shrubs so they do not block the street sweepers from reaching the curb line.

Notes from the Field: Free Bagged Leaves Pick up During Leaf Season

If you have (3) wheeled carts for trash, recycling, and organics (green waste), this means you reside within City limits and cannot pile leaves into the street. During Leaf season only, your service provider will collect up to 5 additional bags of leaves every week at no additonal charge. Just place bagged leaves next to your organics cart on your regular service day. These leaves are then sent to local compost facilities.

Leaf bags must contain only leaves. If bags contains leaves mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush, or other non-leaf content, the bag will require an “Extra Sevice” sticker. “Extra Service” stickers are not required for bagged leaves during Leaf Season (October 1 thru December 31). After December 31, only bags with “Extra Service” stickers will be picked up.

*Street sweeping only picks up what falls naturally on the street. * 

**The City of Stockton has some San Joaquin County pockets within City limits. County residents are allowed to pile leaves in the street for removal, but city residents are prohibited from this practice.**

Please do not put leaves in the street.

Notes from the Field: Free Appliance Drop off at Select SJC Landfills

The San Joaquin County landfills recycle appliances for FREE. They will accept two per trip of larger appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and water coolers. They will accept nine per trip of medium to smaller appliances such as washers, dryers, microwaves, ovens, water heaters, stoves, space heaters, dishwasher, and/or trash compactors.

Please do not leave appliances on the street.

The following San Joaquin County Facilities accept appliances for free:

Notes From the Field: No Leaf Piles in City Streets


If you have 3 wheeled carts for trash, recycling, and green waste, you reside within City limits and cannot pile leaves into the street. Instead, you must bag your leaves.

The City of Stockton has some San Joaquin County pockets within City limits, such as this picture from W. Benjamin Holt Drive. County residents are allowed to pile leaves in the street, but city residents are prohibited from this practice.

Remember, during leaf season (Oct 1 – Dec 31), you can put up to 5 bags of leaves next to your green cart for service per week for free.

City Street Sweeping will not pick up piles of leaves. Please do not blow or rake leaves into the street! Learn more about leaf collection in Stockton.

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Notes From the Field: Last Month for Clean Sweep Program!

bulky items


The City of Stockton‘s annual Clean Sweep Program for Bulky Waste ends on October 31. Call your hauler no later than 2 weeks before your preferred pick up day.

By Appointment Only
Clean Sweep piles are collected by appointment only. Residents must call their garbage company two weeks in advance of their requested appointment date. Only one free pick-up is allowed per household, restrictions apply. See Servicer Provider information and details here.

Program Details
For details, please visit the City of Stockton’s Clean Sweep Program page on

Clean Sweep is a City of Stockton program. If you live outside of Stockton’s city limits or in County pockets, please call the San Joaquin County Solid Waste Office at (209) 468-3066 for details about current County programs.

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Notes From the Field: Large Palm Fronds Go in the Trash


Palm fronds should be placed in your trash cart. Palm fronds cannot go in your green waste cart because they are difficult for us to compost. They are hard to run through a chipper and they take a very long time to decompose.

Additionally, do not overfill your cart as shown here. All cart lids should close completely. Material hanging out is more likely to fall out of the cart before it hits the hopper.

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